5 Ways to Minimize Spring Allergies

A young man sneezes due to seasonal allergy, hay fever
5 Ways to Minimize Spring Allergies

For people susceptible to spring allergies, the beauty of spring might not seem so beautiful. Opening flower buds, blossoming trees, and unpredictable, gusty weather is the perfect recipe for an allergy-prone person’s nightmare. Millions of people in America struggle with seasonal allergies, from congestion to sneezing, to runny noses and headaches. Sometimes called hay fever, the scientific name for seasonal allergies is “allergic rhinitis”, and it can ruin any beautiful spring day. In today’s blog we’ll be listing a few of our recommended ways to help reduce the impact of spring allergies. Already taking prescription allergy medication? Contact Medico Pharmacy to learn about our prescription refill services in Santa Monica, West LA, Brentwood, and more.

Educate Yourself


Seasonal allergies, while most common in the spring, fluctuate with the amount of pollen in the air. There are a few ways to help prepare yourself for when an especially bad pollen day might be coming. Local news sources like radio, tv, or newspapers may publish pollen forecasts, and a simple internet search for “pollen forecast” can give you an idea of what to expect. 


Knowing which days will aggravate your allergies will allow you some extra time to head to a local Hollywood pharmacy to pick up over-the-counter allergy medication, so you can take it before your symptoms flare up. Having advanced notice will also give you time to close doors and windows and reschedule outdoor activities for lower-pollen days. Pollen density is lowest after rain and on calm days.


Stay Out of Contact With Pollen


If you do find yourself needing to go outside on a high-pollen day, then there are some ways that you can protect yourself. Staying indoors is obviously the best way to prevent contact with pollen, but that’s not always an option. Wearing a face mask is not only essential to reducing COVID-19 transmission but it’s a great way to keep pollen from entering your nose and mouth, too. When coming inside from outdoors, it can help to remove outdoor clothing and put it away, as pollen can cling to clothing. 


Keep Your Air Clean


While it won’t be possible to keep all the pollen out of the air around you, there are some ways to mitigate it. If you’re in your car, keep your windows rolled up as much as possible and use the air conditioner or air recirculation function to keep pollen out. Be sure to check your home air conditioning filters and replace them with high-efficiency filters if needed. Frequent vacuuming can keep any pollen that’s collected on your floors from being kicked up into the air, and a bedroom air filtering device with a HEPA filter can help you sleep more soundly.


Over-The-Counter and Home Remedies


Going to a Beverly Hills pharmacy can help you find relief from allergy symptoms. There are a number of different kinds of OTC medications that can help with allergies. Decongestants like pseudoephedrine, nasal sprays, and even sinus rinses like neti pots can all help relieve the pressure. Antihistamines and combination antihistamine-decongestants can help relieve itching, sneezing, and watery eyes. These options can all be easily found at your local pharmacy, and if your symptoms persist, contact your doctor or a Los Angeles pharmacist to learn about prescription options.