Common Medications That You Can Get Over The Counter

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Common Medications That You Can Get Over The Counter

You can buy over-the-counter medications, products and devices without a prescription. These items
can be purchased right from the pharmacy or even the grocery store. You may be familiar with common
OTC medications like ibuprofen, but there are many other medications that you can get over the
Some medications and products are made available over the counter as they are considered easy to use
and safe. It is the FDA that decides which medications and products are available over the counter and
ensures that the labels are easy to understand to prevent misuse. Some over-the-counter medications
require photo ID cards to buy the product and some have age restrictions. Mostly, the restrictions are
for medicines that may be abused, like some types of cough medicines.
Some of the most common OTC medications are used to treat issues like the common cold, sore throat,
fever, headache, cough and allergies. Pharmacists in our Los Angeles pharmacy share the details of
medications that you can get over the counter.

Eye Problems

Different types of eye drops are available over the counter and some of them became available in the
last few years. Eye drops like Zaditor and Alaway contain the topical antihistamine named ketotifen
which can offer temporary relief from eye itching. These eye drops work within minutes and can offer
relief for hours. There is another OTC eye drop called Lumify that contains brimonidine that can be used
to treat eye redness.

Motion Sickness

OTC anti-nausea medications are available that can help stop motion sickness. Usually, these
medications contain meclizine, which is used to treat vomiting, dizziness or nausea associated with
motion sickness. These medicines are Bonine and Dramamine.

Bladder Control

Oxytrol is an over-the-counter medication that can offer relief from an overactive bladder in women.
The active ingredient of the medicine is oxybutynin and is available in the form of a topical patch.
Previously, this medication required a prescription, but since 2013, this medicine has been available
over the counter.

Breathing Issues

If you suffer from breathing problems, an OTC inhaler named Primatene Mist can be used to get
temporary relief from some of the symptoms of asthma. The OTC inhaler can be used to get relief from
shortness of breath, wheezing and chest tightness. All other inhalers requires a prescription. However,
other oral medications are available that can help with breathing issues. OTC medicines like Bronkaid
and Primatene can provide relief from mild symptoms of asthma. These medicines can also help loosen
and thin mucus to help your cough.