Compounding For Diabetes Treatment 

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Compounding For Diabetes Treatment 

As per the estimates, about ten percent of the American population is now living with some type of diabetes. Diabetes can be treated when diagnosed properly and managed carefully, but it does present its own set of medical and physical difficulties. For example, people suffering from diabetes are fifteen times more likely to need an amputation at some point in their lives when compared to others who are non-diabetic.


Skin conditions also affect people putting up with diabetes. As per the American Diabetes Association, one in three people suffering from diabetes will be affected by some type of skin condition. Apart from the increased risk of skin issues and amputation, some other medical issues also plague people suffering from diabetes. The increased levels of blood glucose can lead to peripheral neuropathy, which is a type of nerve damage caused by diabetes. The common symptoms of peripheral neuropathy can include burning sensations and pain in the feet and legs. The person can also experience painful sensations similar to tingling or numbness.


Compounding Pharmacy For Management Of Diabetes 

Now you may have understood why it is important to manage diabetes and practice very good self-care. A significant step in controlling diabetes is to monitor your blood sugar levels and understand the medications that are suitable for your body. It is also good to communicate with an experienced compounding pharmacist in your area.


Patients suffering from diabetes can especially benefit from pharmaceutical compounding. Compounding is the process of making customized medications suitable for individual patients. These medications are customized depending on the prescription of the physician and individual ingredients or components of the medication are mixed to make a blend, which is available in various forms. For example, some people do not prefer oral suspensions. For those people, other options like topical solutions or easy-to-swallow tablets or capsules are available.


As we are a renowned compounding pharmacy in Los Angeles, we can help you manage your diabetes. Our experienced pharmacists can help with any doubts and questions that you may have, and help you make an excellent daily self-care routine. Apart from offering all your medications, we can also help you with meal planning, and literature and information to help you make informed choices.


Whether for you or your loved one, when you need over-the-counter or prescription medication, you can get in touch with us. We take a unique healthcare approach to each of our patients and thoroughly assess and plan for the unique needs of our patients.