Drug Facts- Naloxone 

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Drug Facts- Naloxone 

Naloxone is a prescription medication that is used to reverse opioid overdose. This medication is generally used as an opioid antagonist, meaning that it attaches to the opioid receptors and thus blocks the effects of opioid medications. It can be used to restore normal breathing in a person quickly, whose breathing has slowed down or stopped completely due to an opioid overdose. Some of the opioid overdoses that can be treated with naloxone include oxycodone, codeine, heroin, hydrocodone, heroin, and morphine. 

Administering Naloxone 

Naloxone can be administered to any person showing signs of opioid overdose or when it is suspected. This prescription medication can be injected directly into the muscle, under the skin, or in veins. It can also be administered as a nasal spray. As a Los Angeles pharmacy supplying Naloxone and other prescription medications, we can ensure that Naloxone is available in two different forms approved by the FDA. 

No matter the dosage form that you use, it is important to be trained on how and when to use the medication. Also, do not forget to check the expiry date of the medication and the instructions to use the same. Some of the common Naloxone delivery systems include: 


Injectable forms of Naloxone are offered by many drug manufacturers. In the case of injectable Naloxone forms, the proper dose of the medication should be drawn from a vial. The medication can be injected with a needle into the muscle, even though it can be administered under the skin or into a vein. 

Prepackaged Nasal Spray

Prepackaged Naloxone nasal sprays were developed as a result of NIDA-funded research and are approved by the FDA. These are pre-filled needle-free devices that can be used to spray the medication into the nostril of a person when the person lays on their back. This device makes it easy for bystanders and caregivers to use the medication. 

These are some of the delivery systems of Naloxone and all these systems deliver the dosage of the medication properly and can be very much effective in reversing the symptoms of an opioid overdose. As per the findings of a study conducted in 2019, it was found that FDA-approved Naloxone delivery devices ensure high blood levels of naloxone when compared to the nasal devices that are improvised. 

Naloxone with a member struggling with opioid addiction should keep the medication handy. People should still call 911 at the time of an opioid overdose. This medication is now being used more by non-emergency first responders, police officers, etc. Families can enquire their health care provider or pharmacists to know about using the devices.