Drugs And Food To Avoid When You Have Hepatitis C 

Drugs And Food To Avoid When You Have Hepatitis C 

Our liver is like the chemical processing unit of our body. One of the many functions of our liver is to filter and metabolize things that we take. If you are suffering from hepatitis C, your liver might not work as well. This means that things can stay in your system for too long and can affect your body more, which can injure your liver. 

To avoid such problems, you may need to make changes to what you drink and eat and the type of medications and supplements that you take. As a Los Angeles pharmacy, we share the details of some of the food and medications that you should avoid when suffering from Hepatitis C. 


Generally, good nutrition can help your liver form new cells. However, if you are suffering from hepatitis C, you will have to avoid some food items. These are: 

Shellfish And Oyster: Raw shellfish and oysters can have bacteria that can result in serious infections which can be severe when you suffer from hepatitis C. 

Sugary And Fatty Foods: These food items can stress your liver and can result in fat dep[osits in the liver. 

Salty Foods: Avoid salty food items if there is fluid buildup in your legs or abdomen area. 


If you suffer from liver cirrhosis due to hepatitis C infection, you need to be careful about the medications that you take. The doses of some prescription medications need to be adjusted and some medications should be avoided at all costs. Some of these medications are: 

  • NSAIDs 
  • Acetaminophen 
  • Tranquilizers or sleeping pills 

Regardless of the stage of hepatitis C infection that you have, make sure to: 

  • Share the list of all the OTC and prescription medications that you take with your medical care team.
  • Ensure that all the members of your healthcare team know that you suffer from hepatitis C. 
  • Take medications only when it is necessary and take as few medicines as you can.
  • Carefully go through the list of all the ingredients present in your over-the-counter medications. Acetaminophen is present in many common medications that are used to treat flu and cold. It is also present in many painkillers that are labeled non-aspirin. 
  • Always make sure that you take your medications exactly as prescribed by your doctor and do not overdose. 

Apart from medications, there are also weight loss products and health supplements that can harm your liver. Therefore, make sure to discuss with your healthcare team any weight loss products, mineral supplements, and vitamins that you take.