How Can You Help Someone With Adderall Addiction?

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How Can You Help Someone With Adderall Addiction?

You may have heard of or even consumed Adderall. It is an effective prescription medication.
Though, in some cases, it can lead to addiction and misuse. If your loved one is addicted to
Adderall, you can help your loved one by learning more about the signs of Adderall addiction
and the treatment options. As a Los Angeles compounding pharmacy, we share these details
below to help you.

Signs Of Adderall Addiction

It can be challenging to find Adderall addiction in a person, especially if they are prescribed the
medication. If you think that someone you know is addicted to this prescription medication, you
need to track changes in their appearance, mood and behaviors. People misusing Adderall may
wish to experience a high or enhance the normal effects of the medication. They may be trying

 Have more energy to stay awake
 Reduce their appetite to lose weight
 Perform better in athletic events
 Increase focus

There are also some other common signs of substance abuse, which are:

 Engaging in dangerous behaviors
 Being very secretive
 Failing to meet deadlines and responsibilities
 Unexpected or sudden changes in mood or behavior
 Loss of weight
 Changes in hobbies and friends
 Running out of their prescription early

Treating Adderall Addiction

Addiction to stimulants can be treated by professional treatments. Therapy sessions can help
addicted person end their addictions and establish a period of recovery. A psychotherapy
treatment option called cognitive behavioral therapy can help your loved one change their
actions and thoughts related to Adderall misuse. The treatment can also help find the different
triggers of use and help manage stress.

Contingency management also called motivational incentives is another behavioral plan that
rewards people for engaging in sober activities and abstaining from substance abuse. When
addicted people make use of this program, they receive prizes for attending treatment and
reaching various recovery goals. Presently, there are no medications available to treat addiction
to Adderall.

Bottom Line

Addiction to Adderall is a very serious mental health issue that needs immediate attention. It is
important to express your concerns to your loved one. In addition, you need to call in the
professionals for treatment when required. Also, keep in mind that managing addiction is a
lifelong process. Your loved one will not simply get over their addiction. They need to have a
lifetime of support and assistance.