Is A Medication Abortion Safe?

Is A Medication Abortion Safe?

When listening to the news online or on TV, you might have come across blogs from pharmacists in Los Angeles or other sources about medication abortion. Maybe that is how you have reached here. It is a procedure that allows a patient to abort her pregnancy through a group of medications in place of surgery. During the pandemic, the medications became available through mail, thus ensuring the complete privacy of patients and making access better for numerous women. Here, we will discuss what you should know regarding this form of abortion.

What Medication Does It Use?

The most prevalent form of this abortion entails consuming two different medication types: misoprostol and mifepristone. The blend of those medications would work to end your pregnancy if it is not more than ten weeks. Overall, around 95% of abortions become successful as patients consume both medications. However, when mifepristone is unavailable, the WHO has recommended consuming only misoprostol. It is a method with about an 85% success rate.

Besides being consumed for an abortion, mifepristone can control high blood glucose levels in Cushing syndrome patients with type II diabetes who are not appropriate for surgery. Misoprostol not only helps to lessen stomach acid but also keeps the stomach safe from potential damage from the consumption of some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Is It A Safe Procedure?

In short, yes. In 2000, the US approved the use of mifepristone for the first time to end a pregnancy. Since then, prescribers in America have been dispensing mifepristone directly to patients. In 2017, medication abortions accounted for around 40% of every case of terminating a human pregnancy deliberately.

How Do You Access A Medication Abortion?

A patient who wants to end her early pregnancy should consult a licensed clinician to confirm that she qualifies for treatment. Several clinicians offer that consultation through telemedicine technology. From there, they can deliver the prescription required directly to a web-based pharmacy. Then, a pharmacist with training will process the medication and ship it, besides offering the patient further guidance in the process.

Can You Purchase Pills For Abortion From Any American State?

To be direct, the answer is no. Each US state has its restrictions on medication abortion. To discover what a particular state allows, feel free to get in touch with a Los Angeles pharmacist or a similar service provider in your area.