Risks and Considerations – Is Albuterol Inhaler Safe?

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Risks and Considerations – Is Albuterol Inhaler Safe?

Albuterol is one among the group of drugs known as bronchodilators. It makes it easier to breathe
by calming the body and opening up the passageways in the lungs.

Why Is Albuterol Recommended?

Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which include breathing problems,
wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing, and tightness in the chest, are two lung disorders that
albuterol is used to prevent and treat. To prevent respiratory problems when exercising, albuterol
inhalation aerosol and powder for oral inhalation are also used.

How Should This Medicine Be Consumed?

Albuterol is available as a powder or aerosol for oral inhalation using an inhaler, as a liquid
solution for oral inhalation using a customized jet nebulizer, and as a mix of the two. The
inhalation aerosol or powder for oral inhalation is generally used every 4 to 6 hours to treat or
prevent the symptoms of lung disease. The inhalation aerosol or powder for oral inhalation is used
15 to 30 minutes before activity to prevent breathing issues during exercise. The nebulizer
solution is used three to four times a day in general. Any directions on your prescription label that
are unclear to you should be discussed with your doctor or chemist. Implement albuterol precisely
as advised. Use it only as prescribed by your doctor; don’t use it more or less often. Albuterol just
reduces the symptoms of respiratory conditions like asthma; it does not treat them. Never stop
taking albuterol without first consulting a physician.

Important Information About Albuterol Inhalers

If the prescribed dosage for albuterol aerosol inhalers or albuterol powder inhalers has been
reached, the medicine may not be present in further inhalations. Even if the aerosol inhaler still
emits a spray when squeezed, discard it. Throw away the powder inhaler after opening the foil
container after taking the prescribed number of puffs or 13 months beyond the expiration date.
Albuterol must not enter the eyes. Avoid using the inhaler when you are near a source of heat or a
flame. If the inhaler is subjected to too high temperatures, it may explode.
Read the included printed instructions before using the jet nebulizer or albuterol inhaler for the
first time. Practice using it with the assistance of your physician, chemist, or respiratory therapist
to become familiar with how to use it.

Side Effects of Albuterol Inhalation

Albuterol inhalation may cause negative side effects such as:

Coughing, and soreness in the back, bones, or muscles
Inform your doctor right away if any of these symptoms are severe or persistent. Ask you doctor if Albuterol Inhaler is safe to use for you.