Some Side Effects Of Sleeping Pills

Women taking sleeping pill
Some Side Effects Of Sleeping Pills

Many Americans suffer from insomnia and complain of very poor quality sleep. If you are one among them,
you may be considering taking a sleeping pill to get good quality sleep. However, before taking these pills, it
is important to understand many things about sleeping pills. This includes knowing about the side effects.
When you can, make sure to avoid misusing these prescription medications. As a compounding pharmacy in
Los Angeles, we share some of the side effects of sleeping pills for your knowledge.

Side Effects Of Sleeping Pills

Like most prescription medications, sleeping pills also have side effects. However, you won’t know whether
you will have side effects until you use it. Your physician may be able to let you know about some side
effects if you suffer from asthma or other chronic health conditions. Using sleeping pills can interfere with
the normal breathing process and can prove to be dangerous in people who suffer from chronic lung issues
like emphysema, COPD, or asthma.

Some of the common side effects of prescription sleep pills like Halcion, Rozerem, Ambien, and Lunata are:

 Tingling or burning sensation in the arms, legs, feet, or hands.
 Diarrhea
 Balance issues
 Constipation
 Appetite changes
 Flatulence
 Dizziness
 Headache
 Daytime drowsiness
 Dry mouth
 Heartburn
 Reduced attention or memory
 Tenderness or stomach pain
 Unusual dreams
 Weakness

Complex Side Effects Of Sleeping Pills

Using some sleeping pills can lead to potentially harmful side effects like parasomnias. These are behaviors
or movements over which you have no control. An example is sleepwalking. During a parasomnia episode,
you will be asleep and unaware of what is happening. Another serious side effect of sleeping pills is sleep-
driving, which is driving while not completely awake. Even though rare, parasomnias are very difficult to
detect once the sleep medication takes effect.
The labels of sedative-hypnotic medications explain the potential risks of having these medications. As
complex sleep behaviors are likely to occur when you increase the dose of these medications, it is important
to take only what is prescribed by your doctor. Also, without sleeping pills, you might find it very difficult to

sleep. This can be due to emotional or physical dependency on the medication. Following the instructions of
your doctor is the best way to avoid developing a dependency on the medicine.