Transferring Your Prescription To A New Pharmacy 

Transferring Your Prescription To A New Pharmacy 

Have you recently found a pharmacy that is less expensive than your usual pharmacy and would like to transfer the prescription to it? Do you wish to transfer prescriptions? If yes, follow the tips shared below to ensure a smooth prescription transfer. 


Contact The New Pharmacy 

The first thing to do is to get in touch with the new pharmacy and let them know that you wish to transfer your prescription from your usual pharmacy. Alongside the contact number of the usual pharmacy, you are required to provide the pharmacy with the name of the prescription together with the strength and the prescription number. You may do this by calling the new pharmacy, visiting them in person, or going online if the pharmacy offers transfer services via a mobile application or website. 


Collect Your Insurance And Health Information 

You will also have to provide your new pharmacy with your insurance details and some personal information. If the pharmacy offers online transfer of prescriptions, you may also send the details through their website. In usual cases, the new pharmacy would need to know details like your complete name, date of birth, permanent address, contact number, and the details of any allergies you may have. 


Wait For The Transfer 

After providing the necessary details, you need to wait for the prescription to be transferred. The time required by your new pharmacy to transfer the prescription will usually depend on the number of prescriptions that have to be transferred. It is recommended to provide the new pharmacy about three days before picking up your prescription refills. If you need the new pharmacy to alert you about possible issues during the prescription transfer, make sure to provide them with your preferred phone number so that they will be able to reach you easily. 

Also, do not forget to take your insurance card or any discount coupons that you wish to use while picking up your prescription. The pharmacist will need these details to offer you the right price. 


Special Situations 

If you are on top of your medication regimen and have an idea about your prescription medications that are eligible for a refill, it will be easy to transfer your prescription. However, you need to understand that a few factors can hinder the process of transferring prescriptions. Some of these are: 

  • Your prescription is out of refill. 
  • Some prescriptions cannot be transferred. 
  • Some prescriptions can be transferred only once. 


If you find yourself in one of these situations, contact the doctor’s office immediately.