Ways To Improve The Working Of Your Immune System 

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Ways To Improve The Working Of Your Immune System 

With the holidays came the flu season. With the ongoing pandemic situation, boosting your immune system has become a necessity. As a Los Angeles pharmacy, we share some tips to boost your immune system. Read ahead to know. 


Lifestyle Choices That Can Impact Your Immune System 



Getting enough sleep is important to ensure proper rest and repair of our body. If you feel fatigued and unrested during the day, you need to discuss it with your medical practitioner. Your doctor may suggest additional supplementation that can help in improving the quality of your sleep. 



Many medical experts say that most diseases are caused by stress and the cortisol hormone. As the external factors are out of your control, you need to find out stress management techniques that are effective for you. For instance, yoga, meditation, journaling, breathing exercises, etc. 



Processed food, carbohydrates, food items that are high in sugar, and alcohol can result in high blood sugar and meta-inflammation which can weaken your immune system. Many of us are tempted to overindulge in sweets, but if you wish to boost your immune system, you should pass on these items. Instead, you can have a diet filled with whole foods that do not contain much sugar, avoid alcohol consumption, and food allergens that can result in meta inflammation. You can also exercise moderately for half an hour to one hour daily to boost your immune system. 


Supplements To Boost Your Immune System 

There are many supplements available out there that can help boost your immune system. Shared below are four main supplements that can keep your immune system on alert. 


Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is a vital supplement that can help build up white blood cells. These cells are your line of defense and are important to prepare your body to fight against infection. 


Vitamin D 

As per medical experts, you need to keep your vitamin D levels between 30 and 100 round the year. In winter, the levels can drop much, especially in the northern states. You can take vitamin D supplements for three months and then test to see the levels. 



The mineral zinc is important for the growth and maturity of Killer T cells. In addition, the mineral helps in wound healing and is involved in many reactions taking place inside the body. 


Mushroom Extracts 

Different types of medicinal mushroom extracts are available that can help support the immune system. Consult with your doctor and add these supplements to your routine.