What Is Quercetin? 

What Is Quercetin? 

Quercetin is a flavonoid that can be beneficial to us in many ways. Studies show that it can reduce inflammation by fighting the natural process of oxidation taking place in our body. Quercetin can stop free radicals that can have damaging effects on our bodies. Free radicals can negatively impact the working of our body cells by damaging cell membranes, promoting mutation, changing the working of DNA, and causing the death of healthy cells. 

Many studies show that inflammation is the cause of many health problems like heart disease, stroke, cancer, cognitive decline, autoimmune disorders, etc. Foods such as fruits and vegetables are very good sources of quercetin and can supply us with flavonoids. Quercetin supplements are available in compounding pharmacies and specialty pharmacies. However, the long-term effects of taking anti-inflammatory supplements to reduce inflammatory diseases are not yet fully understood and further studies are necessary in this regard. 

Benefits Of Quercetin 

Medical practitioners and patients currently report that using quercetin to fight inflammation-related conditions is effective. Some of these conditions include heart disease, insulin-related health issues, high cholesterol, gout, chronic fatigue syndrome, stomach ulcers, allergies, etc. Some of the most important benefits of quercetin are explained below: 

Fights Allergies 

Quercetin is an anti-inflammatory and antihistamine. Therefore, it is effective in reducing the effects of allergies, skin irritations, and asthma. Histamines are chemicals that are released by our body when the immune system notices a sensitivity. These chemicals are responsible for the symptoms we experience while our bodies have an allergic reaction. Quercetin is capable of stabilizing histamine release from immune cells, which can help reduce symptoms like runny nose, indigestion, watery eyes, coughing, etc. As per many experts, quercetin is good at fighting allergies as some popular prescription medications

Help Control Pain 

Taking quercetin supplements can help control pain related to autoimmune disorders, and infections. Flavonoids like quercetin are also related to reduced symptoms of RA and prostatitis. Studies show that switching from a western diet to one rich in antioxidants can help reduce pain and other symptoms of arthritis, making quercetin an effective natural treatment for arthritis. 

Improves Heart Health 

Owing to the ability of quercetin to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, it might be beneficial to people suffering from heart-related disorders. Studies show that eating deep-colored vegetables and fruits, and leafy greens can help lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Also, flavonoids like quercetin can lower the risk of atherosclerosis. 

Apart from these benefits, quercetin is also believed to improve endurance, as it can induce mitochondrial biogenesis, which can increase the endurance exercise performance of the user.