Which Medications Work Best To Help Stop Drinking?

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Which Medications Work Best To Help Stop Drinking?

Alcohol dependency is a complex problem and medications can help treat it. But, these medications can
work best when they are taken as part of a treatment plan which includes counseling, support and
supervision. As a Los Angeles pharmacy, we share the details of some prescription medications that can
help treat alcohol dependency.


This tablet should only be used after stopping drinking. It works by making changes to the brain
chemistry of the person and softening the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal so that the person will
desire it less. Acamprosate is available in the form of a pill and the person with alcohol use disorder
should take two pills three times per day. The medicine is usually well tolerated by the body, meaning
that people will experience only very few side effects while on Acamprosate.


This medicine is the first line of treatment for alcohol misuse and is tried before prescribing any other
medications. The medicine will be most effective when you are able to stop drinking before starting it.
But you can also start using these tablets while you are still drinking. This medication should not be
taken by people who are taking opioid medications as it can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms or
may block the effects of opioid medications. Naltrexone suppresses cravings for alcohol by blocking the
effects of natural opioids, thereby reducing the reinforcing effects of alcohol in the body.


This medication cannot be started when you are still drinking. This prescription medication works by
preventing alcohol from being fully metabolized, leading to vomiting, nausea, headache and flushing if
you consume alcohol while taking the medication. Disulfiram can be taken in the form of a pill, once per
day. The average dose of this medication is 250 milligrams daily.


Gabapentin is a medicine used to treat postherpetic neuralgia and epilepsy. This medicine is not
approved by the FDA for alcohol dependence, but many studies have suggested that the medicine can
help prevent relapse by treating alcohol withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, craving and anxiety in
people. However, this medicine has the potential to be misused, especially by people who have misused
prescription medications in the past.


This medicine is used for the prevention of migraines, and seizures and to suppress hunger. Though the
medicine is not approved by the FDA to use against alcohol dependence, studies have suggested that
the medicine can help and can be used if you are still drinking before starting the therapy. Topiramate
works in the human body by altering the chemicals in the brain, thereby reducing the rewarding effects
of drinking alcohol.