Why Does Compounded Prescription Filling Take Longer Than Regular Medications? 

two people waiting in line at a compounding pharmacy
Why Does Compounded Prescription Filling Take Longer Than Regular Medications? 

Compounding pharmacies are becoming widely accepted these days. Many people are now cognizant of the advantages of using a compounding pharmacy. As the process of compounding prescriptions is much more complex than filling regular prescription medications, it can take longer for your prescription to be filled, but the benefits of compounding medications far exceed the wait. Read along to understand why compounding medications take longer than regular prescription medications. 


These Medicines Are Custom-Made 

Every compounded medication will be custom-made for the patient. This adaptation is one of the prime benefits of opting for a compounding pharmacy. By customizing a prescription to the specific needs of a person, compounding pharmacists will be able to alleviate many health issues that can occur while taking medications. Owing to the individual customization, the time required to fill a compounded prescription medication can be longer than that is required to fill a regular prescription medication. 


Oftentimes, a compounding pharmacist makes prescriptions from scratch and this involves mixing different ingredients to make the compounded prescription. The process of compounding can take much longer than the process of filling regular prescription medications, which usually requires the pharmacist to bottle pre-made pills. 


More Communication Might Be Needed To Fill Compounded Prescription 

As compounded prescriptions are custom-made to suit the specific needs of the individual, every situation will be different. The compounding pharmacist may have to get in touch with the patient, doctor, or pharmaceutical manufacturer to get the specific details of a compounding prescription. Communication is very much important to ensure that the compounded prescription is made properly and satisfies all the requirements of the patient. This extra communication will take time and can increase the time needed to fill the prescription. 


While it can take a bit longer to fill a compounded medication prescription, you can have peace of mind knowing that the medication was specially made for you and your specific needs. 


Creating The Specific Dosage For You Will Take Time 

As compounding medications are custom made for the individual patient, the time required to make them will vary much. Most often, these medications come in the form of capsules. Compounding pharmacists mix various ingredients in powdered form to make a personalized combination that can address the specific needs of a patient. After mixing the ingredients in the proper combination, the powder has to be put into capsules, which is a time-consuming process. This can also add to the time taken to fill a compounded prescription.