How Can Compounding Help Realize Your Weight Loss Goals? 

Weight loss goals and compounding pharmacy
How Can Compounding Help Realize Your Weight Loss Goals? 

Are you trying to lose weight? With the New Year nearing, many of us will be trying to lose weight, however, the solution to weight loss goes much beyond exercising and dieting. If you are struggling with your weight loss goals, it might be due to issues in your adrenals or thyroid glands or due to your insulin levels.


Compounding can be a very good way to counter the issues in your adrenal, thyroid, or insulin glands. As per the experts, pharmacy compounding can be a very good way of personalizing the dosage of your medication. General physicians mainly prescribe medications that are one size fits all. However, every person is unique with unique requirements. Not everyone will have the same hormone problems that you have and therefore, you will need medications that can treat the exact problem.


As a compounding pharmacy, we share how compounding can attain your weight loss goals via hormone therapy.


Compounding Can Help Lose Weight By Hormone Therapy 

Having normal levels of thyroid hormone is important to maintain body weight. Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the levels of thyroid hormone are low, which can result in fatigue, constipation, depression, fluid retention, sore muscles and joints, weight gain, and reduced metabolism. Apart from the weight gain side effects of hypothyroidism, you can experience other symptoms that can make you feel very much tired or mentally depressed to physically workout to get rid of the weight.


Compounding can help you with these problems by providing your body with natural thyroid hormones. This compounding therapy can trick your body into thinking that it is producing the natural thyroid hormones needed to improve your metabolism and supply you with the necessary energy. General prescriptions for synthetic thyroid hormones try to combat the symptoms of hypothyroidism that can result in obesity.


Compounding Can Help In Weight Loss By Restoring Adrenal Glands 

Dysfunction of the adrenal hormone can also lead to weight gain. A disorder called adrenal fatigue can lead to many health issues like autoimmune disorders, obesity, allergies, and even cancer. Adrenal glands are partly responsible for transforming fats and carbohydrates into energy.


Compounding can help create natural adrenal hormones. A compounding pharmacy can measure the adrenal hormones as per the unique needs of your body and can help restore the glands to their normal state over time. By supplying your body with the hormones that it needs, your body will process fats and carbohydrates as energy, which can prevent you from gaining more weight.