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two people waiting in line at a compounding pharmacy

Why Does Compounded Prescription Filling Take Longer Than Regular Medications? 

Compounding pharmacies are becoming widely accepted these days. Many people are now cognizant of the advantages of using a compounding […]

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Are Compounded Medications Safe? 

Many of us might have heard of a compounding pharmacy and compounded medications. How our bodies react to medicines is […]

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Saliva Testing For Hormone Balancing 

In the opinion of many medical experts, saliva testing is one of the most accurate measurements of the body’s availability […]

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Weight loss goals and compounding pharmacy

How Can Compounding Help Realize Your Weight Loss Goals? 

Are you trying to lose weight? With the New Year nearing, many of us will be trying to lose weight, […]

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Benefits of Compounding for Hormone Therapy

Compounding is a method of mixing medications and natural hormones to suit the specific medical needs of a person. Traditionally […]

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Transferring Your Prescription To A New Pharmacy 

Have you recently found a pharmacy that is less expensive than your usual pharmacy and would like to transfer the […]

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What is a Compounding Pharmacy, Benefits, LA Rx

How Is A Compounding Pharmacy Beneficial?

All of us react differently to medicines and some of us may be allergic to the ingredients that are present […]

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A specialty pharmacy.

What Is A Specialty Pharmacy? 

A specialty pharmacy provides medications that are used in the treatment of complex or rare health issues. These medications may […]

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A compounding pharmacy.

What Are The Different Types Of Pharmacies? 

You might think that a pharmacy is a pharmacy, right? However, there are different types of pharmacies out there, which […]

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A prescription at a Los Angeles Pharmacy

Why Are Some Medicines Prescription Only While Some Others OTC? 

Anyone looking for allergy medicine Claritin will easily find it on the shelves of any retail pharmacy in the country. […]

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